SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL NIPPON LODGE NO 9 MEMBERS CONCERNING ANNUAL DUES. Should a Lodge member wish to pay their annual dues via the Naval Federal Credit Union you may do so. However, there is a process that needs to be followed in order to provide complete accuracy and tracking of the payment.

1. If the payment is made using a direct transfer method from your NFCU Account to the Nippon Lodge No  9 Account please notify the Secretary or the Treasurer of the date this transaction was completed. For security purposes I can not post the Account number on the website. Please feel free to send the Secretary or Treasurer an email requesting the Account number. You may also use Facebook Messenger for this purpose. When making a Member-to-Member transfer on the computer the following guidance is provided.

For those Brethren who desire to pay your annual Lodge dues via NFCU the following information is provided.

  1. You must first add Nippon Lodge 9 to your Member-to-Member account transfers.

  2. After you have logged onto your account click on the Transfers tab. Follow the instructions provided on how to add a member account.

  3. After you have added Nippon Lodge no 9 you will be able to make a transfer.

  4. The following information will be asked when adding Nippon Lodge No 9 in your Member to Member Account.

  5. Name of account: Nippon Lodge No 9 (no special characters are to be added)

  6. Type of account: Association Savings

  7. Account Number: Contact the Treasurer or Secretary and that number will be provided to you. Secretary email:

nipponlodge9sasebo@gmail.com Treasurer email: imabuku@gmail.com or nipponlodge9@yahoo.com

The following information is a step-by-step guide to affect the Transfer (TXFR) to NFCU

  1. Once you have signed into your account, Click the Transfers Tab

  2. Select an Account in the From Section

  3. Select the Account you wish to TXFR funds From

  4. Click Select an Account from the To section and select the account the funds will be transferred to from the Member-to-Member Accounts section.

  5. Click the calendar icon to display the Frequency drop down menu and select the applicable date.

  6. Type the amount to transfer in the Amount

  7. Click Continue

  8. Click Make Transfer

  9. Click Done

2. If the payment is made with cash and you receive a receipt from the teller for this transaction,  please print your name on the receipt, take a photo of the receipt and send to either Bro Secretary or Bro Treasurer using Facebook Messenger or as an attachment to an email.

3. Should you desire to send the payment via mail this option is of course still available. The address of the Lodge appears on the Home page of this website.

ATTENTION BRETHREN: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the Grand Lodge of Japan and all constituent Lodges are currently adhering to the Protocol established in PHO guidance per CNFJ/CNRJ Policy. Nippon Lodge No 9 is holding Stated Meetings and a small amount of Degree work as directed by the Worshipful Master. Further guidance will be published on our website as necessary.

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